“Poet/Lyricist/Humorist/Teacher/Philosopher/Ex-Bronc-Twister, Paul Zarzyski, translates his Rodeo-Yoda lingo into Universal Idioms saluting love, wisdom, and a lusty gusto for life! Hang on for a screaming launch into the ever-spinning constellations of music and wild words that will never be restrained by gravity
Tom Russell
Nat’l Cowboy Poetry Gathering—Elko, NV
Ian Tyson, Gordon Stevens, Wylie Gustafson
Nat’l Cowboy Poetry Gathering—Elko, NV
(© Jessica Brandi Lifland)
Whiskey Talks—MT. Circuit Finals
Wylie Gustafson-“Rodeo To The Bone” Nat’l Cowboy Poetry Gathering–Elko, NV
Oscar De La Hoya
Mayweather-Ortiz Bout
Las Vegas, NV
Kinky Friedman
White House–Nat’l Book Festival
Brand New Fan
Richmond, VA Folk Festival
Yevgeny Yevtushenko
Nat’l Cowboy Poetry Gathering—Elko, NV (© Sue Rosoff)
Elizabeth Dear–2005 Montana Governor’s Arts Award for Literature
Jim Brooks–Santa Clarita Festival, CA (©Ira Gostin)
Wally McRae
Nat’l Cowboy Poetry Gathering—Elko, NV
Reno Philharmonic Orchestra